732 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
Windows Interim FixPak:
AIX Interim Fix:
20.3 DB2 Text Extender sample installation
If you want to test the functionality of the DB2 Text Extender prior to modifying
your WebSphere Commerce database, try the DB2 Text Extender sample. This
step is optional.
20.3.1 Install the DB2 Text Extender sample
To install the DB2 Text Extender sample, do the following:
1. Go to the directory <db2_TE_installdir>/samples.
2. Open a DB2 command window. Click
Start -> RUN. Type db2cmd.
3. Create a new database.
> db2 create database txsampledb
4. Open a DB2 Text Extender command window and connect to the database:
> db2tx
> connect to txsampledb
5. Enable the database:
> enable database
> quit
DB2 Text Extender V7 FixPaks 2 and 3: The DB2 Text Extender V7 FixPak 2
for AIX includes an interim fix and can be found at:
In addition, FixPak 3 is available, which contains the interim fix found in
FixPak 2 and can be found at:

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