Appendix A. Firewall and network configuration 795
c. When the (Local) Interfaces window appears, ensure that the interfaces
are configured as seen in Figure A-4. If not, make the necessary update.
Table A-4 Firewall interface configuration
Network object configuration
Network objects are used to set up connections between secure and non-secure
networks. Network objects types are as follows:
Host: a particular node on your network with a mask of
Network: a collective range of network addresses that is characterized by an
address range and a specific subnet mask.
To define network objects, do the following:
1. Double-click
Network Objects.
2. Double-click
<New> Single Add a Network Object.
3. When the Identification window appears, enter the information shown in
Table A-5 for each firewall (fw1, fw2) and then click
Table A-5 Network object configuration
Non-secure interface IP Secure interface IP
fw1 (Internet) (DMZ)
fw2 (DMZ) (Intranet)
Object type Object name Description IP Address Subnet Mask
Network The World The World (default) 0 0
Network DMZ DMZ
Host WWW site accessible
by Web client. Maps to
Network Dispatcher
Network Intranet Intranet
Host webaix1 DMZ Web server 1

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