Appendix E. AIX tips 841
Adding additional IP addresses to an interface
When aliasing for Network Dispatcher, the ndcontrol cluster configure
command (or GUI) will do this for the cluster address.
1. Type
smitty tcpip.
2. Select further configuration.
3. Select Set network interfaces.
4. Select network interface selection.
5. Select Configure aliases. Add an IPV4 network alias.
6. Select the network interface in use (ex. en0).
7. Enter the new IP address and network mask.
If the wrong gateway is specified, you need to flush the routing table before it can
be reset.
Installing OpenSSH on AIX 5.1
In order to use Secure Shell (SSH) programs such as Secure FTP (SFTP), SSH
needs to be installed on all machines and the SSH daemon started. The IBM AIX
Toolbox for Linux Applications includes a port of OpenSSH 2.9.9p2. However,
OpenSSH (found at is under continuous development,
and newer versions are available.
1. Download the following packages to a temporary directory (if you have not
previously done so, you will need to register with the IBM Web site):
IBM AIX Toolbox Cryptographic Content
Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
2. AIX 5L includes the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) utility by default. As
the root user, install the packages from the command line, in the following
rpm -ihv openssl-0.9.6b-2.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
rpm -ihv prngd-0.9.23-1.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
The pseudo random number generator daemon starts up automatically.
rpm -ihv openssh-2.9.9p2-6.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
842 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
rpm -ihv openssh-server-2.9.9p2-6.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
The SSH daemon starts up automatically.
rpm -ihv openssh-clients-2.9.9p2-6.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
The SSH programs are now available in /usr/bin.
Note: For increased security, you may not wish to install the openssh-server
component on all machines. For example, you can install the openssh-clients
on a machine in the DMZ to permit it to make sftp connections to the secure
network. However, that machine itself could not accept sftp connections
without the server component.

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