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Chapter 9. Implementation scenarios
overview and planning
This chapter provides an overview of the advanced multi-tier runtime
environment scenarios documented in the remaining chapters, for WebSphere
Commerce V5.4.0.2, Business Edition on the Windows 2000, Solaris, and AIX
The scenarios complement the procedures in the
Installation Guide, IBM
WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Professional and Business Edition for Windows
product guide by providing customer scenarios, best practices, tips, and
workarounds. We have tested and documented procedures for adding the
WebSphere Commerce Business Edition FixPak V5.4.0.2 for a clean installation.
This chapter describes the following implementation scenarios:
Scenario A: Windows two-tier remote DB2 database server runtime
Scenario B: Windows: Add a remote IBM HTTP Server
Scenario C: Solaris three-tier runtime: Oracle8i + iPlanet
Scenario D: AIX three-tier runtime with DB2 and IBM HTTP Server
Scenario E: AIX: Web server load balancing and horizontal cloning

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