44 WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition: Planning, Configuration, and Monitoring Guide
򐂰 Predicates to identify specific content in a given repository or workflow engine
򐂰 GUI for capturing requests and presenting results to the end user
1.4.2 Step 2: Access SSO Server
When the application has all of the information identified in step 1, it establishes
a connection to the SSO Server with the user ID and password that authenticate
the user.
After authentication, the application requests credentials for a specific data
source, or all of the data sources that this user has authorization for as described
in Figure 1-11 on page 27.
1.4.3 Step 3: Access virtual repository or real data source
The interaction is slightly different depending on whether a virtual repository or a
real data source is being accessed:
򐂰 With a virtual repository, the Permissions system (described on page 19)
ensures that the authenticated user ID is authorized access to this virtual
repository and is allowed to perform the action requested against the data
sources and content belonging to that virtual repository. Typically, the virtual
repository has the credentials for accessing the various constituent data
sources stored when it was created
, and it uses the stored credentials to
access the data sources and execute the query against it.
򐂰 With a real data source, the application instantiates a connection to it with the
appropriate credentials obtained in step 2 and executes the query against it.
1.4.4 Step 4: Server result set created
The results of the query executed in step 3 are stored in a ServerResultSet bean
as shown in Figure 1-3 on page 8.
This is up to the developer when the virtual repository is created.
Note: If multiple data sources are involved, the queries against the
individual data sources tend to occur in parallel depending on the
application server involved and whether the multi-query agent server has
been configured and started.

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