54 WebSphere InterChange Server Migration Scenarios
4.1 Migration methods
This book demonstrates two supported migration methods. After examining the
WebSphere InterChange Server environment and the information provided in
this chapter, choose a suitable migration path as the first step in a developing a
migration plan.
4.1.1 In-place database migration
In-place database migration means re-using the old repository and letting
WebSphere InterChange Server perform the repository upgrade during first
startup of the server.
The existing repository database and other database tables are migrated intact
to the new database tables using database migration tools such as database
instance migrate and database migrate when the new database management
system version is installed.
In-place database migration is not possible if customers want to change their
database management system (for example, from Oracle to IBM DB2 or from
Microsoft SQLServer to IBM DB2).
If you want to use the old repository, the database software must be upgraded to
the versions that WebSphere InterChange Server Version 4.3.0 supports.
With in-place database migration, use the old repository database to start the
newly installed server. The export and import using repos_copy is not necessary.
Users simply point the new installation of WebSphere InterChange Server to the
original repository database. WebSphere InterChange Server automatically
upgrades the repository during first server startup.
With in-place database migration, customers can save time moving because no
repository or runtime data has to be moved.
With in-place database migration the migration of incomplete events is facilitated.
4.1.2 Without-in place database migration
Without in-place database migration means that the repository is exported and
then imported using the repos_copy utility into a new database.
Without in-place database migration can involve less production downtime than
an in-place database migration. This is dependent on the following factors:
򐂰 Whether the migration takes place on a different machine

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