406 WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
If you are upgrading from an earlier Sametime release and have existing Sametime servers,
the Language Pack installation process automatically updates the Sametime database
templates on each of your existing Sametime servers. Normally the design of each database
is refreshed by the nightly Design server task. Alternatively, you can force an immediate
database design refresh by running the following command from your Domino server console:
load design
Locating additional information for Sametime
To locate instructions for installing Sametime, choose one of the following options:
򐂰 Refer to the product documentation provided with the software. Check the Sametime
software image for documentation. Depending on how you accessed the software image,
you may find the documentation on a CD or on an image downloaded from a Web site.
򐂰 Refer to the Documentation Library on the Lotus Developer Domain Web site:
Locate and follow the instructions in the guide Installing and Managing Sametime 3.1 for
Configuring Lotus Sametime 3.1
This section explains the steps that are necessary to configure a Sametime server.
Preparing the TCP/IP environment
The preparation process is identical to the one describe in “Preparing the TCP/IP
environment” on page 386. However, you need to use a different IP address for the new
interface used by the Sametime server.
Registering the new additional server in an existing Domino domain
Registering a new Domino server is similar to registering a new Lotus Notes user. Before you
create a new additional Domino server for Sametime or QuickPlace, you must register the
server in the Domino Directory on a registration server. The registration server (the Domino
server on which you register other servers) must be up and running on your network. To
register a new server from your workstation, you must have access to the registration server
and at least Author access to the Domino Directory with the appropriate role in the access
control list of the Domino Directory.
Note: When you display the software installed on your iSeries server, the Sametime for
iSeries English language feature (2924) still appears to be installed.
Important: If you use the Sametime installation guide to install the Sametime software that
is included with some editions of WebSphere Portal, note the following points:
򐂰 Software usage restrictions apply for Lotus Domino and Sametime. Read the product
license that is provided with your copy of WebSphere Portal to understand the terms of
entitlement for the Sametime software that ships with WebSphere Portal.
򐂰 You may have access to the Sametime installation programs on disks provided with
WebSphere Portal or on software images downloaded from a Web site.
Appendix A. Installing, configuring Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, Lotus Team Workplace 407
From the Notes administrator workstation, perform the following steps:
1. From the Windows desktop, launch the Domino Administrator, if it isn’t already running.
2. Select the
Configuration tab.
3. On Configuration page (Figure A-22), expand
Server and select All Server Documents.
Figure A-22 Domino administration server
4. The middle panel in Figure A-23 now displays the Domino domain where the Domino
administration server is running (in our example PORTALDOM1). In the right navigation
pane, expand
Registration and click Server.
Figure A-23 Showing all Domino servers
Note: You must perform a switch-id first before you start Domino Administrator. Select
the user ID located at your iSeries in the integrated file system (IFS) directory
408 WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
5. A new window opens that asks you to choose a certifier ID. Browse to the cert.id file and
select it. Click
6. Enter the password for the Domino administrator.
7. In the Register Servers window (Figure A-24), we want to use a Domino administration
server to register your new server. Click
Registration Server.
Figure A-24 Register Servers window
8. In the Choose Registration Server window (Figure A-25), you must select a Domino
administration server.
This is used to change the registration server on which the Domino Directory is updated
with all the new server or servers details. If your Registration Server is not listed, you can
type in the name. You must be able to establish a network connection to the registration
In our example, we select the
PORTALDOM1/ITSOROCH.IBM.COM as the registration
server. Click
Figure A-25 Choosing a Domino Administration server
9. The Register Servers window (Figure A-26) now shows the Domino administration server
that you selected. Click
Figure A-26 Registering a server in a Domino administration server

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