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Related publications
The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a
more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.
IBM Redbooks
For information on ordering these publications, see “How to get IBM Redbooks”
on page 343. Note that some of the documents referenced here may be available
in softcopy only.
򐂰 e-business Cookbook for z/OS: Technology Introduction, SG24-5664
򐂰 A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere V4.1, SG24-6869
򐂰 WebSphere Studio Application Developer Programing Guide, SG24-6585
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Portal V4 Developer’s Handbook, SG24-6897
򐂰 From code to deployment: Connecting to CICS from WebSphere for z/OS,
򐂰 Enabling High Availability e-Business on IBM eServer zSeries, SG24-6850
򐂰 LDAP Server Administration and Usage Manual, SC24-5923
Other publications
These publications are also relevant as further information sources:
򐂰 z/OS Communications Server IP Configuration Guide, SC31-8775-01
򐂰 z/OS Communications Server: SNA Network Implementation, SC31-8777
򐂰 DB2 Data Sharing: Planning and Administration, SC26-9935
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0.1 for z/OS and OS/390:
Installation and Customization, GA22-7834-06
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V4.0.1 for z/OS and OS/390: Operations and
Administration, SA22-7835

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