“I wanted to write this book, in part, to show from my experiences at Virgin that business can facilitate unlikely partnerships between governments, commerce, and the social sector, using the market as a lever for social change.”

Part One: Chapter 1Growing Up Branson

By Holly Branson

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Dear Holly and Sam,
Life can seem rather unreal at times. Alive and well and loving one day. No longer there the next.As you both know I always had an urge to live life to the full . . . I loved every minute of it and I especially loved every second of my time with both of you and mum.I know that many people thought us foolish for embarking on this latest adventure. I was convinced they were wrong . . . I thought that the risks were acceptable. Obviously I've been proved wrong.However, I regret nothing about my life except not being with Joan to finally help you grow up. By the ages of twelve and fifteen your characters have already developed. We're both so proud of you. Joan and I couldn't have two more delightful kids. You are both kind, considerate, full of life (even witty!). What more could we both want? Be strong. I know it won't be easy. But we've had a wonderful life together and you'll never forget all the good times we've had.Live life to its full yourselves. Enjoy every minute of it. Love and look after Mum as if she's both ...

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