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Weight Training For Dummies, 4th Edition

Book Description

Tone up, burn calories, stay strong

Weight Training For Dummies makes it easy to get started with weight training by offering trusted and straightforward guidance on the latest circuit and resistance training, and all-new information on the highly popular bodyweight and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Whether you're working with dumbbells, free weight sets, or machines, you'll find out how to combine weight training with other exercise to properly strength train and get in the best shape of your life.

Along with aerobic exercise and flexibility, body weight training is an integral part of a complete physical activity program. But with all the different equipment and techniques available, getting started can feel overwhelming. Want to get pumped about weight training? Consider these facts: strength training, whether via free weights or a machine, builds muscle. And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the less prone you are to injuries—in and out of the gym. Plus, strength training promotes bone strength, which can significantly reduce your odds of developing osteoporosis. If that's not enough, strength training—unlike cardio workouts like running—reaps benefits almost immediately. So what are you waiting for? Weight Training For Dummies has everything you need to get started.

  • Provides examples and directions for powerful 20-minute weight training routines for the time challenged

  • Features advice to help you choose a weight training system that you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle

  • Includes new coverage devoted to warm-ups and the hottest and most beneficial stretches

  • Introduces using weight training to address specific health or orthopedic conditions

  • Whether you're already in the gym several times a week or are just starting out with a fitness routine, Weight Training For Dummies shows you how to use free weights or weight machines to get results—fast.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Weight Training
        1. Chapter 1: Weight Training for Life
          1. Weight Training for All Bodies
          2. Fitness Testing and Goal Setting for Success
          3. Safety First to Enjoy Training
          4. Choosing Your Training Equipment
          5. Selecting the Right Exercises, Routines, and Training Settings
          6. Living a Healthy Lifestyle
            1. Pumping up your heart and lungs
            2. Improving your flexibility
            3. Balancing options and training your brain
        2. Chapter 2: The Principles of Training: Concepts and Terminology
          1. Defining Weight-Training Jargon
          2. Understanding Reps
          3. Getting Acquainted with Sets
          4. Knowing Weight-Routine Essentials
            1. Focusing on major muscle groups
            2. Sequencing: Doing exercises in the right order
          5. Appreciating the Value of Rest and Recovery
            1. Taking one day of rest for each muscle group
            2. Avoiding overtraining
            3. Getting enough sleep
            4. Maintaining and detraining: When you’re too busy to work out
          6. How Your Mind Helps Your Body
            1. Concentrating on the mind-body connection
            2. Visualizing yourself strong
          7. Long-Term Training: Seeing the Big Picture
        3. Chapter 3: Testing Your Strength, Setting Goals, and Tracking Your Progress
          1. Identifying Your Fitness Level
          2. Measuring Your Progress
          3. Evaluating Your Strength and Endurance
            1. Comparing your upper-body strength
            2. Comparing your abdominal strength
          4. Goal Setting for Success
            1. Identifying why your goals are important
            2. Using S.M.A.R.T. goals
          5. Logging and Tracking Your Progress
            1. Recording information in your log
            2. Analyzing your workout log
        4. Chapter 4: Weight-Training Tools and Equipment
          1. Getting Comfortable with Free Weights
            1. Knowing the value of free weights
            2. Making the choice, knowing the difference: Dumbbells versus barbells
          2. Using a Weight Bench
          3. Don’t Be Afraid of Weight Machines
            1. Making weight machines work for you
            2. Examining specific weight machines
            3. Cable machines: A different breed
          4. Buckling Down on Bands and Tubing
          5. Exploring Sandbags for Shifting Weight
          6. Keying in on Kettlebells for Weight Training
        5. Chapter 5: Safety First: Protecting Yourself and Preventing Injury
          1. Weight Lifting Safety Rules
            1. Properly warming up before you lift
            2. Warming up with light weights
            3. Using your breath
            4. Using proper form
            5. Cooling down
            6. Resting your muscles
          2. Weight-Lifting Safety Tips
            1. Free-weight safety tips
            2. Weight-machine safety tips
          3. Spotting with a Friend
            1. Briefing your spotter
            2. Being the spotter
          4. Common Weight-Training Injuries
          5. Overcoming Injuries
      3. Part II: Gaining Weight-Training Wisdom
        1. Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Own Gym at Home
          1. Weight Training at Home
          2. Setting Up a Home Gym
          3. Picking Free Weights
            1. Buying dumbbells
            2. Buying barbells
            3. Buying a bench
          4. Investing in Weight Machines
          5. Purchasing Bands or Tubing
        2. Chapter 7: Exercising Away from Home: Clubs, Trainers, and Classes
          1. Joining a Health Club
          2. Choosing a Health Club
          3. Researching Trainers
            1. Finding fitness help: What a trainer can do for you
            2. Finding a qualified trainer
            3. Being on your best behavior
          4. Working in a Group: An Introduction to Weight-Training Classes
            1. Conditioning your muscles
            2. Getting quality group instruction
          5. Knowing Weight-Training Etiquette
            1. Sharing equipment
            2. Unloading your weight bar
            3. Putting weights back where you found them
            4. Wiping down the machines
            5. Keeping up with the flow of traffic
            6. Moving along at the drinking fountain
            7. Lugging around your gym bag
            8. Treating the locker room like your own bathroom
        3. Chapter 8: Your Muscles and How to Use Them Properly
          1. Understanding the Basic Info
          2. Grasping Our Favorite Phrases
          3. The Art of Breathing through an Exercise
      4. Part III: Tackling the Exercises
        1. Chapter 9: Working Your Back
          1. Understanding Upper-Back Muscle Basics
          2. Getting an Upper-Back Workout
          3. Avoiding Mistakes When Working Your Upper Back
          4. Getting Skilled at Upper-Back Exercises
            1. One-arm dumbbell row
            2. Dumbbell pullover
            3. Dumbbell shrug
            4. Machine row
            5. Lat pull-down
            6. Cable row
            7. Assisted pull-up
          5. Understanding Lower-Back Muscle Basics
          6. Getting a Strong Lower Back
          7. Getting a Lower-Back Workout
          8. Avoiding Mistakes When Working Your Lower Back
          9. Trying Floor Exercises for the Lower Back
            1. Pelvic tilt
            2. Back extension
        2. Chapter 10: Working Your Chest
          1. Grasping Chest-Muscle Basics
          2. Benefitting from Strong Pecs
          3. Getting a Chest Workout
          4. Mistakes to Avoid When Pumping Your Pecs
          5. Becoming Skilled at Chest Exercises
            1. Modified push-up
            2. Push-up
            3. Bench press
            4. Dumbbell chest press
            5. Vertical chest press
            6. Cable crossover
            7. Assisted dip
        3. Chapter 11: Working Your Shoulders
          1. Understanding the Basics of Shoulder Muscles
          2. Benefiting from Strong Shoulders
          3. Getting a Great Shoulder Workout
          4. Knowing Mistakes to Avoid When Training Your Shoulders
            1. Exaggerating the movement
            2. Arching your back
            3. Rocking back and forth
            4. Doing behind-the-neck shoulder exercises
          5. Practicing Shoulder Exercises
            1. Dumbbell shoulder press
            2. Lateral raise
            3. Front raise
            4. Back delt fly
            5. Dumbbell shoulder external rotation
            6. Dumbbell shoulder internal rotation
            7. Incline shoulder-press machine
        4. Chapter 12: Working Your Arms
          1. Understanding Arm-Muscle Basics
          2. Gaining Strong Arms
          3. Getting a Great Arm Workout
          4. Avoiding Mistakes When Training Your Arms
          5. Practicing Arm Exercises
            1. Barbell biceps curl
            2. Alternating biceps curl
            3. Triceps kickback
            4. Arm-curl machine
            5. Triceps pushdown
            6. Bench dip
            7. Triceps-dip machine
        5. Chapter 13: Working Your Abdominals
          1. Introducing Abdominal-Muscle Basics
          2. Enjoying Strong Abdominals
          3. Preventing Mistakes When Training Your Abdominals
          4. Discovering Exercises in This Chapter
            1. Basic abdominal crunch
            2. Reverse crunch
            3. Oblique crunch
            4. Bent-knee side crunch
            5. Roll-down negative curl
        6. Chapter 14: Working Your Butt and Legs
          1. Understanding Butt- and Leg-Muscle Basics
          2. Reaping the Benefits of a Strong Lower Body
          3. Getting a Great Lower-Body Workout
          4. Avoiding Mistakes When Working Your Lower Body
          5. Practicing Lower-Body Exercises
          6. Performing Lower-Body Exercises without Machines
            1. Squat
            2. Lunge
            3. Kneeling butt blaster
            4. Side lying leg lift
            5. Inner-thigh lift
          7. Performing Lower-Body Exercises with Machines
            1. Leg-press machine
            2. Leg-extension machine
            3. Leg-curl machine
            4. Inner- and outer-thigh machine
        7. Chapter 15: Weights for Core Strength
          1. Weight Guidelines
            1. Picking the right amount of weight for you
            2. Increasing repetitions and sets
          2. Dumbbell Workout for a Flat Tummy and Tiny Waist
            1. The wood chop
            2. Dumbbell bent-over row
            3. Crunches with weights
            4. Dead lifts
            5. T-raises
            6. Squat to overhead press
            7. Reverse lunges with weights
          3. Ab Central Machines
            1. Bosu ball
            2. Foam roller
            3. Ab board
            4. Ab wheel
        8. Chapter 16: Stretching: The Truth
          1. Discovering Why and When to Stretch
            1. Elongating your muscles
            2. Alleviating stressed and tense muscles
            3. Avoiding injuries
            4. The official word on stretching
          2. Static Stretching: Stretching the Traditional Way
          3. Assisted Stretching: Lean on Me
          4. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
          5. Active Isolated Stretching
          6. Back and Spine Stretch Series
            1. Lying spinal rotation
            2. Spinal rotation for back and buttocks
      5. Part IV: Setting Up Your Workout Programs
        1. Chapter 17: Basic Workouts to Get Started
          1. Designing a Routine
            1. Why you should want to train
            2. Your equipment
            3. Your exercise preferences
            4. Your lifestyle
            5. Your current level of fitness
          2. Reviewing Your Program Variables
            1. Performing exercises in the right order
            2. Picking the right amount of weight
            3. Using the rest period
          3. Trying Sample Beginner Routines
          4. Doing circuits at the gym
          5. Doing circuits at home
          6. Dumbbells-and-a-bench routine for the gym or home
          7. The mix-and-match routine at the gym
        2. Chapter 18: 20-Minute Workouts for the Time Challenged
          1. Making the Most of Quickie Training
          2. Putting Together Your 20-Minute Routine
          3. Doing 20-Minute Workouts
            1. Total-body workouts in the gym
            2. Total-body workouts at home
            3. Upper- and lower-body workouts
          4. Exercising with the 20-Minute Routines
            1. Home gym mix-and-match routines
            2. Upper- and lower-body workouts
            3. Stretching workout
        3. Chapter 19: Tackling More-Advanced Programs
          1. Understanding Progression
          2. Practicing Split Routines
            1. The upper-body/lower-body split
            2. Push/pull split routine
          3. Practicing Sequencing in Your Workouts
            1. Super sets
            2. Giant sets
          4. Advanced Training Techniques
            1. Pyramids
            2. Breakdowns
            3. Negatives
          5. Varying Your Workout with the Latest Trends
            1. Circuits
            2. High-intensity interval training
            3. Kettlebells
            4. Sandbags
        4. Chapter 20: Workouts for the Family: New Moms, Moms-to-Be, Kids, and Teens
          1. Training Tips for Kids and Teens
            1. Benefiting from youth resistance training
            2. Knowing what’s age appropriate
            3. Trying sample kid and teen routines
          2. Lifting Weights Before and After Baby
            1. Benefiting from prenatal and postpartum resistance training
            2. Modifying exercise routines for safety
            3. Trying a pregnancy sample routine
            4. Trying a sample mommy-and-me routine
          3. Family Style: Teaming Up for Exercise
        5. Chapter 21: Workouts for Baby Boomers and Beyond
          1. Strength-Training Guidelines for Seniors
            1. Reaping rewards from training as an older adult
            2. Observing safety guidelines and training tips
          2. Challenging Yourself Moderately
          3. A Strength-Training Routine to Help Maintain Balance
            1. Hip extension
            2. Hip flexion
            3. Standing side reach
          4. A Seated Core Routine for Strong Abs
            1. Seated sit-up
            2. Seated core rotation
        6. Chapter 22: Adding Yoga and Pilates for Flexibility
          1. Examining Yoga and Pilates
            1. Harmonizing with yoga
            2. Moving with Pilates
          2. Benefiting from Yoga and Pilates
            1. Engaging your whole body
            2. Increasing your flexibility
            3. Improving your balance, coordination, and concentration
          3. Fitting Yoga and Pilates into Your Fitness Program
          4. Diving into Yoga
            1. Different styles of yoga
            2. Finding a qualified yoga instructor
            3. Trying a couple yoga poses
          5. Getting the Lowdown on Pilates
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 23: Ten (Or So) Ways to Use Exercise Bands to Tone and Tighten
          1. Before You Start, Get an Exercise Band
          2. Preparing for Your Band Workout
          3. Getting on the Band Wagon
            1. Band squat
            2. Band butt blaster
            3. Band outer-thigh lift
            4. Band hamstrings stretch
            5. Band lat pull-down
            6. Band one-arm shoulder press
            7. Band external rotation
            8. Band internal rotation
            9. Band shoulder stretch
            10. Band triceps extension
        2. Chapter 24: Ten (Or So) Ways to Have a Ball with Exercise Balls
          1. Picking Out the Right Ball
          2. Using Exercise Balls Safely
          3. Exercising on the Ball
            1. Ball bridge pose
            2. Ball bridge lift
            3. Ball push-ups
            4. Ball leg circles
            5. Ball single-leg bridge
            6. Ball core extension
            7. Ball sit-ups
            8. Ball oblique crunch
            9. Ball oblique twists
            10. Ball exchange
      7. About the Author
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. More Dummies Products