Chapter 12

Working Your Arms

In This Chapter

arrow Studying your biceps and triceps

arrow Gaining strong arms

arrow Practicing a great arm workout

arrow Avoiding mistakes when training your arms

Maintaining muscles in the arms can be difficult because you lose muscle tone as you age. Beautifully sculpted arms are a sure sign that someone has been working hard. Even with all the lifting, pulling, and picking up you do throughout the day, you still need to lift weights to keep your arms toned and strong. This chapter tells you how you can develop strong, firm arms.

Understanding Arm-Muscle Basics

Your biceps muscle spans the front of your upper arm. Hang out in any gym and you’ll see people flexing these muscles in the mirror, usually when they think that nobody’s watching. The main job of your biceps (nicknamed your bis or your guns) is to bend your arm; in gymspeak, this motion is called curling or flexing.

Your triceps, located directly opposite your biceps, spans the rear of your upper arm. The biceps and triceps, like many muscle groups, work together in pairs. When you squeeze your biceps, your triceps ...

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