Chapter 14

Working Your Butt and Legs

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing your butt and leg muscles

arrow Benefiting from a strong lower body

arrow Getting great lower-body workouts

arrow Avoiding mistakes when training your lower body

arrow Working out your butt and legs

Your butt and legs are the largest muscle groups in your body, and these muscles carry you everywhere you go. Having strong lower-body muscles is key to living independently into old age. Being able to stand up from chairs, pick yourself up off the floor, climb stairs, step out of cars, and even get off the toilet are key factors to enjoying life on your own. Your lower body muscles, therefore, deserve plenty of attention. If you give them their proper due in your strength training routine, they’ll carry you even farther and faster. This chapter introduces you to terms such as glutes and quads, and explains how best to strengthen and tone these and other lower-body muscles.

Understanding Butt- and Leg-Muscle Basics

You have several muscles that ...

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