Chapter 15

Weights for Core Strength

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing why you need to use weights to strengthen your core

arrow Seeing how to lift weights for your core

arrow Finding out the right number and sets to use with weights

arrow Choosing the right amount of weight for you

In this chapter, we cover weight training to help strengthen your core. Which means, you’re going to learn how to use free weights or dumbbells to combine exercises to work your core — like a squat to overhead press or a reverse lunge using weights with a lateral shoulder raise. By combining two different movements, you’re forced to transition the exercise through your core, so your core muscles become stronger and in turn, you’re able to maintain good posture and alignment throughout the exercise. The end result is a stronger core that helps mimic the movements you use in everyday life while creating better posture and increasing stability and balance.

The best way to build strength in any part of your body is with resistance training — and using weights is the preferred form of resistance to use.

Transitioning any movement you’re ...

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