What are the common challenges to adopting a zero trust network security model?

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Once you know what a zero trust network is, and what the advantages and disadvantages of moving to this model are, the next step is to understand some of the common challenges that you will face in implementing zero trust as a security model. Evan Gilman and Doug Barth discuss these challenges, and give suggestions on how to overcome them. You will get tips on why to involve more than just your security team, why implementing policy as code is important, understanding why you should evaluate policies for their impact and value, and the overall scale of change involved in moving from a perimeter model to a zero trust model.

Doug Barth is a software engineer who loves to learn and share his knowledge with others. He has worked on systems of various sizes at companies like Orbitz and PagerDuty. He has built and spoken about monitoring systems, mesh networks, and failure injection practices. Evan Gilman is an Operations Engineer with a background in computer networks. With roots in academia, and currently working in the public internet, he has been building and operating systems in hostile environments his entire professional career. An open source contributor, speaker, and author, Evan is passionate about designing systems that strike a balance with the networks they run on.

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  • Title: What are the common challenges to adopting a zero trust network security model?
  • Author(s): Doug Barth, Evan Gilman
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491998922