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What Do You Want to Create Today?

Book Description

Dr. Bob Tobin lived what looked like a great life in Southern California: he had a house by the beach, a good consulting practice, and a BMW. But he wasnt truly happy. Work didnt really work for him.

After losing a job, going on a life-changing trip, and gaining a major change in perspective, Bob relocated to Japan, where his career path changed in ways he had never predicted and he finally found personal satisfaction, success, and happiness.

But how did he do it? And how can you do it?

Many of us are dissatisfied with our lives but don't make happiness a priority. Its time to forget everything you think you know about success, and stop trying to fit the mold. Traditional models of success dont worknot in a way that is right for you. Start learning more about yourself and your passionsand start realizing your creative and professional dreamstoday.

What Do You Want to Create Today?: Build the Life You Want at Work shows you how to develop your career in a way that uniquely suits you. Tobin has spent 25 years using the strategies outlined in this book to inspire hundreds of executives and thousands of students to create the kind of lives they want at work.

Offering a mix of inspiring advice, practical suggestions, questions for reflection, and uplifting stories, What Do You Want to Create Today? is an essential guide in finding happiness and fulfillment via your work.

You'll gain a new perspective as you learn:

Why focusing on objectives is holding you back

How to read the air and act on what people dont say

How to develop courage and confidence

How best to handle difficult coworkers

Its time to embrace your dreams, surround yourself with positive people, summon your courage, have fun working, and never stop learning.