Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Careers
In the middle of difculty lies opportunity.
—Albert Einstein
2.1 Introduction
Julie Amero, a substitute teacher in Connecticut, lost her career and had
her life turned upside down due to a malicious spyware application and
the incompetence of security “professionals.” The spyware was running on
the classroom computer causing pornographic images to be shown. Julie
innocently checked her personal e-mail using that classroom computer, left
the room briey, and upon her return saw, as did a few students, the por-
nography on the computer screen. The pornography pop-ups
were caused
by spyware inadvertently installed when another user of that classroom
computer downloaded a Halloween screen saver. Because of the schools
amateur IT administrator, overreaction from a school principal, faulty
forensic examination of the physical evidence, and false testimony from a
computer forensics “expert,” she was prosecuted and convicted (later over-
turned) of risk of injury to a minor.
What we can take away from this case is the importance of having a quali-
ed computer forensics
examiner acquiring and analyzing evidence in addi-
tion to having a qualied information security professional protecting the
critical assets of the enterprise. This includes training the employees on the
proper use of the company computers as well as what to do when an incident
occurs. We will address all of these topics later in this book, but for now we
will discuss the numerous career opportunities in the eld of information
and cyber security as well as describe how to become a qualied profes-
sional in this exploding eld.
A pop-up is a browser window that appears out of nowhere when a web page is visited.
Sometimes the pop-ups are advertisements and sometimes they are malicious programs that
will install the undesirable content to the machine upon clicking.
The technical details of this case can be found in Eckelberry et al. (2007).
Computer forensics is also known as digital forensics. The terms are used interchangeably in
this book.

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