alignment. See evaluation and alignment

aspiration, and vision, 6, 12, 15–16, 23

balance, in a leader’s life, 187, 228

Berra, Yogi, 12

blame game, 183–184

boards of directors

coaching of CEOs and, 95–98

knowledge of performance of CEOs by, 94–95

succession planning and, 110

BP oil spill of 2010, 41–42

Buoniconti, Nick, 19

calendars. See time management

career development plans, 118–119

CEOs. See leaders


communication of vision and, 37–40, 42

lack of alignment resulting from, 143, 149

leaders and, 158–159, 201

time allocation and, 65–66

updating coaching due to, 89–90

Civil Rights movement, and King’s “I have a dream” speech, 18–19

coaching of and feedback to employees, 6–7, 73–91, 102–104

achieving a vision and priorities using, ...

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