What's New in Windows Vista

Brian Culp

December 15, 2006


"What's New in Windows Vista" will give you a quick look at many of the new features that I think are most significant in the five new versions of Vista, Microsoft's first revision of Windows in nearly six years.

I will be showing you, through examples, how each of the new features work, and I'll offer some valuable advice. We'll start with the changes to the interface, introducing and showing you Aero, and then move on to the completely revamped search options, the new task scheduler, printing, gadgets, and other cool new changes. However, probably the most significant changes are in the area of security, and this guide looks at them all—from user privileges to User Account Control to BitLocker. So get ready for a quick blast through Vista.

After nearly six years since its release of Windows XP, Microsoft releases its latest operating system, coming soon to a computer near you. And, because you've purchased this book, chances are that said computer is the one you're using right now.

But, you might ask, so what? What's so great about Windows Vista? Why should I upgrade my own computer to Windows Vista? Better yet, why should every single person in my corporate network upgrade? What's going to make this a cost-effective upgrade, and how am I going to justify the expense?

What follows in ...

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