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Intermediate JavaScript developers working with Angular and any other frameworks like Ember or React will benefit from this overview of ES6, the newest version of ECMAScript. Why? Because understanding ES6 and its companion, Web Components, will get them ready to build apps for the modern browser. Finalized in June 2015, ES6 is the first major update to ECMAScript since 2009. This video walks you through many new features of ES6 such as syntactic sugar like arrow functions and multiline strings, language components like constants, classes/inheritance, and importing/exporting modules. ES6’s deep semantic shifts to the core language will truly change the way developers work.

  • Learn new ES6 features like classes, models, import, and exports
  • Understand ES6 syntactical changes such as arrow functions/multiline strings
  • Identify the ways to leverage ES6 with Node and BabelJS
  • Discover ES6’s new collections like Maps and Sets
  • Learn about Promises, the library for asynchronous programming

“What's New in JavaScript”, “Using Web Components”, and “Getting Ready for Angular 2” comprise Scott Davis’s learning trilogy about Angular, the Google led framework for mobile and desktop apps. Davis is a frequent O’Reilly contributor and the founder of ThirstyHead.com, a training and consulting company that that specializes in HTML5, mobile development, SmartTV development, NoSQL, Groovy, and Grails.

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  • Title: What's New in JavaScript
  • Author(s): Scott Davis
  • Release date: March 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491957233