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What’s New in Ionic 3 Framework

Video Description

Take a detailed look at Ionic 3's new features and capabilities in this video by Ionic expert Chris Griffith. Designed for the beginning- to intermediate-level developer, the course explores improvements to the Ionic command-line interface (CLI), investigates the new lazy-loading system, and previews what's in store for Ionic Creator.

  • Learn to use the new interactive features of the Ionic CLI
  • Understand the workflow changes associated with the new Ionic CLI
  • Master the Lazy Loading option for improved Ionic performance
  • Find out about the upcoming changes to Ionic Creator

Chris Griffith is the UX lead at Nortek Security & Control, a mobile applications instructor at UC San Diego Extension, a writer for UX Magazine, and an Adobe Community Professional specializing inUX design and PhoneGap/Cordova. Chris authored the O'Reilly title Mobile App Development with Ionic 2 and is a frequent speaker at O'Reilly's Fluent conferences.