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What's New in C# 7

Video Description

C# 7.0 added a number of beneficial features that all C# developers should understand. The two most prominent are tuples (which make it easy to return multiple results from a method) and pattern matching (which simplifies switch statements that are conditional on the shape of data). In this course, C# expert Keith Welch covers these two, plus all of the other pivotal features that comprise C# 7.0. Learners should understand the basic principles of object oriented programming and have some background using C#.

  • Understand C# 7's top features and discover how to use them in your projects
  • Learn how to simplify your source code and write more efficient applications
  • Gain experience with tuples, pattern matching, and more

Keith Welch runs Mooseworks Software, a mobile and web software development company based in New Hampshire and Turks and Caicos. He's worked in engineering for 30 years, software development for 20 years, and mobile for 10+ years. Keith is the author of multiple O'Reilly titles, including Learning C# Design Patterns and Learning C# Best Practices. He blogs at http://developerisland.com/.