What's New in SAS Web Report Studio 4.31


New and enhanced features in SAS Web Report Studio include the following:

  • enhanced graph features
  • new report capabilities
  • enhanced productivity for users
  • improved report administration
  • enhanced printing capabilities

Note: The new features and enhancements in SAS Web Report Studio 4.3 and 4.31 are the same. The difference is that SAS Web Report Studio 4.3 runs on SAS 9.2, and SAS Web Report Studio 4.31 runs on SAS 9.3. For the latest information about SAS Web Report Studio, see http://support.sas.com/software/products/wrs.

Enhanced Graph Features

The following enhancements were made to graphs:

  • A bubble plot has been added. This new graph type is a variation of a scatter plot in which ...

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