SAS 9.4 OLAP Server

The SAS 9.4 OLAP Server has several new features for 9.4:
  • new OLAPCONTENTS procedure for generating reports of OLAP cube information
  • new OLAPCONFIG method for setting SAS OLAP Server options in batch mode
  • updated OLAPOPERATE procedure
  • new MDX Case statement
  • new VISUALTOTALS_BEHAVIOR option for calculated measures
In addition, properties for multilingual cubes are automatically updated in multiple languages when reports are generated. And, the SQLRC macro can be used with the SQL pass-through facility for OLAP.
In the first maintenance release for the SAS 9.4 OLAP Server, these new features and enhancements were added:
  • A new LOGICALSERVERNAME option was added to the OLAPOPERATE procedure. ...

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