SAS/ETS 12.3

SAS/ETS 12.3 is essentially a maintenance release of SAS/ETS software that runs on SAS 9.4.
In addition, the procedures that make up the SAS High-Performance Econometrics product are available with SAS/ETS for use in single-machine mode. Depending on data characteristics and model complexity, you might see performance improvements over comparable SAS/ETS functionality that is not multithreaded.
For more information, see Overview of SAS/ETS High-Performance Procedures in SAS/ETS User’s Guide: High-Performance Procedures.

SAS/ETS 13.1

SAS/ETS 13.1 is a major release that runs on the first maintenance release of SAS 9.4 and later releases.
Here are some of the new features and enhancements:
  • The AUTOREG procedure ...

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