What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything!

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The Pitbull of Personal Development® Takes on Damn Near Everything!

Larry Winget does not mince words, and in this latest addition to his straight-talking brand, one of the most iconic leaders of the personal development industry puts down in black and white, What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything!

If you think the world is a mess, you already have a lot in common with Larry. The genius and power of his simple approach to turning around the parts of your life that need it has transformed people and businesses all over the world. Now, in this wildly entertaining and informative diagnosis and prescription, he narrows down the singular virus sickening the four most influential aspects in our lives: the people around us, our education system, business, and government. The illness rotting them all out can be blamed on people ignoring their core values.

That's personal, and Larry goes there and then some, and that's why countless people have been converted into followers by watching him on television as he regularly appears on varied news programs and by buying enough of his books to put him on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. His shocking opinions and belly-laughing honesty all come unfiltered. If he offends you—good! You're engaged and really thinking about what's important to you. This single resource enables you to:

  • Take real action to improve what's wrong with your business, family, and life.
  • Get advice you can understand from a non-stop powerhouse coach.

What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything! tells you all the simple truths to troubleshooting everyday problems in life and business.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. This Is Another Larry Winget Book
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter One: The Collapse of Core Values
    1. What Are Core Values?
    2. Finding Your Core Values
    3. Why Have People Stopped Being Bothered?
    4. Want to Know Why This Stuff Bothers You? It's Simple
    5. Get Ready for Life to Be Much Easier for You!
    6. A Test for Knowing Whether Something Is a Core Value
    7. You Can Always Spot Someone's Core Values
  7. Chapter Two: What's Wrong with People
    1. From Today's News
    2. People Cater to the Lowest Common Denominator
    3. Let's Keep Digging into This
    4. People Have Lowered Their Standards
    5. People Are Self-Absorbed
    6. People Either Can't, Don't, or Won't Manage Their Money
    7. Why Most People Believe They Don't Have Money
    8. Become Committed to Your Commitments
    9. People Are Either Too Gullible or Too Skeptical
    10. People Use Bad Grammar and Can't Spell
    11. People Let Their Emotions Rule Their Lives
    12. People Follow Their Dreams Instead of Going to Work
    13. Starting Your Own Business Is Not a Dream, It's a Nightmare
    14. Why Do Most Businesses Fail? Lack of Preparation
    15. People Are Entitled
    16. Entitlement Is the Enemy of Self-Reliance
    17. The Government Is Feeding Entitlement Mentality
    18. People Are Full of Excuses and Blame
    19. People Are Dishonest and Lack Integrity
    20. We Have Become Way Too Tolerant of Dishonesty
    21. People Are Mean
    22. Business Has Become Mean
    23. People Are Lazy
    24. People Are Disrespectful and Uncivil
    25. Respect and Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Wealthism, and Homophobia
    26. Respect Is Not Just about Respecting People
    27. People Are Offended By Damn Near Everything!
    28. Luckily Some People Are Speaking Up Against This Stupidity
    29. People Allow Technology to Rule Their Lives
  8. Chapter Three: What's Wrong with Business
    1. Why Do Businesses Exist?
    2. The Biggest Challenge Facing Business
    3. Employees Must Constantly Add Value
    4. Fiduciary Responsibility
  9. Chapter Four: What's Wrong with Education
    1. Parental Involvement
    2. Failure Is an Option
    3. Beyond School Systems
  10. Chapter Five: What's Wrong with Our Government
    1. Welcome to Helicopter America
    2. Dear Government: Mind Your Own Business!
    3. We Have Too Many Laws
    4. Politics and Politicians
  11. Chapter Six: The Big Question: Are We Able to Turn All This Around?
    1. In Your Business
    2. In Your Family
    3. In Your Own Life
    4. Are You Willing to Live By These Core Values?
    5. You Can't Change the World
  12. About the Author
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything!
  • Author(s): Larry Winget
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119417026