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When Millennials Take Over

Book Description

Is your organization ready for what is coming?

Between the decline of modern management, the social media shift of power toward individuals, and the ascent of the Millennial generation into leadership roles, companies of all shapes and sizes are facing a future that they are ill-equipped to handle. As a result of this perfect storm of changes, many organizations are struggling to stay relevant to customers, capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace, and attract top talent.

Successful companies, on the other hand, are shifting to embrace four key capacities that will drive the future of business: digital, clear, fluid, and fast. Drawing on both cutting-edge case studies and research on Millennials in the workplace, you ll learn how to successfully apply these four capacities in your context to drive real business results, like more engaged employees, higher-value customers, greater strategic agility, and stronger, magnetic cultures. When Millennials Take Over delivers concrete, actionable advice you can use to set your company apart as a leader--rather than a follower.

The only constant is change. These four capacities are the key to being able to keep up with the complexity, uncertainty and rapid shifts in our industries and our world. When Millennials Take Over is an intelligently practical guide to how you can build these capacities for your organization - starting NOW.

Table of Contents

  1. Title
  3. 1. Are You Ready?
    1. Capacities for the Future of Business
      1. Digital
      2. Clear
      3. Fluid
      4. Fast
    2. We Are Optimistic
  4. 2. Generations
    1. A Perfect Storm Transforming Management
      1. Front #1: The Decline of Traditional Management
      2. Front #2: The Social Internet Revolution
      3. Front #3: The Millennial Generation Entering the Workforce
      4. Diversity
    2. What Next?
  5. 3. Digital
    1. What Is Digital?
      1. Users First
      2. Personal Service
      3. Innovate or Die
    2. Why Millennials Care About Digital
    3. What Digital Looks Like
      1. Case Study: American Society for Surgery of the Hand
    4. Takeaways: Make Your Organization Digital
      1. Invest Smartly in Tech
      2. Create Space for Experiments
      3. Innovate Your HR Practice
    5. From Digital to Clear
  6. 4. Clear
    1. What Is Clear?
      1. The Myth of Control
      2. Sharing by Default
    2. Why Millennials Care About Clear
    3. What Clear Looks Like
      1. Case Study: Menlo Innovations
    4. Takeaways: Make Your Organization Clear
      1. Define Your Company Culture
      2. Review Your Decision-Making Process
      3. Design a Transparency Architecture
    5. From Clear to Fluid
  7. 5. Fluid
    1. What Is Fluid?
      1. Fluid Hierarchies
      2. Change Is the Only Constant
      3. Circles, Not Pyramids
    2. Why Millennials Care About Fluid
    3. What Fluid Looks Like
      1. Case Study: Quality Living, Inc.
    4. Takeaways: Make Your Organization Fluid
      1. Understand What Drives Success
      2. Invest in Soft Skills
    5. From Fluid to Fast
  8. 6. Fast
    1. What Is Fast?
      1. Invest in Speed
      2. Small Steps and Big Leaps
    2. Why Millennials Care About Fast
    3. What Fast Looks Like
      1. Case Study: Happy State Bank
    4. Takeaways: Make Your Organization Fast
      1. Start With the Low-Hanging Fruit
      2. Figure Out Digital, Clear, and Fluid
      3. Find the Key to Unlocking Speed
    5. From Fast to Digital
  9. 7. Proceed Until Apprehended
    1. Community
    2. Culture
      1. Founder Culture
      2. Grassroots Culture
    3. Proceed Until Apprehended
    4. The Future of Business
  10. Notes
  11. Acknowledgements