" (quotation) marks, using with keywords in, 75


A/B split testing

comparing prior months of data with, 122

defined, 67

above the fold

explained, 53

keeping file tabs, 78

transactional information, 63

actions versus words, 51

Add to cart

impact on search usability, 92–93

including as call to action, 72, 74

ads, selling with search usability, 94–97

advertising, cost of, 94

affordance, defined, 150

AHT (average handle time), use by call centers, 98

anchor link, defined, 113

annotated lists, using with category pages, 48

annual revenue

calculating, 92, 95

increase for selling ads, 95–97

Apple’s Safari page, call to action on, 68

attracting users. See calls to action

average page views, increasing, 96


B2B website, annotated links ...

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