Chapter 2what is my calling card?

Doing What You Do

I settle into the taxi, hoping to get a bit of work done before my upcoming meeting. As the driver pulls away from the curb, I open my briefcase and take out a folder. Even as I try to focus on my papers, I can see from the cabbie’s face in the rear-view mirror that he wants to talk.

“So, whattayou in town for?” he asks.

“I’m giving a speech. A presentation to some businesspeople,” I say, hoping to make it sound uninteresting so the driver will leave me alone.

He doesn’t take the hint. “Oh yeah? What’s it about?”

I’m not interested in giving the speech twice, so I offer the Reader’s Digest abridged version. “Hearing and heeding your life’s calling—doing the work you were born to do.”

My ...

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