Who Cares Wins

Book description

Written by the CEO of Havas Worldwide, this bookshows you how to use social media to engage with customers and grow your business. This isn't a book about social media and the inexorable rise of Facebook and Twitter. Nor is it a book about CSR or business doing good. Instead it's actually the first book that recognises that far from being two separate subjects, they are intrinsically interlinked. And that the most successful leaders and businesses in the future will be those who are the most socially responsible.

Table of contents

  1. Who Cares Wins
  2. About the author
  3. Contents
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
  6. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  7. 1 Out-behaving the competition: why business now needs to do good to do well
    1. A change of direction
    2. The three ages of socially responsible business
    3. Poster child for an era
    4. Influence epidemic
    5. Putting social responsibility at the core of business strategy
    6. Big is good
    7. Radical transparency
    8. Act before somebody acts on your behalf
    9. Caveat: the customer isn’t always right
    10. Out-behaving the competition
    11. Summary: being the company you want to keep
  8. 2 The new world of marketing: creating a successful brand in a dramatically changing world
    1. Someone changed the questions
    2. Brilliant ideas
    3. Summary: the new rules for the Social Brand
  9. 3 Leadership in a world of radical transparency
    1. You can’t opt out
    2. Social media will make business better
    3. Doing good and doing well
    4. How not to do it #fail
    5. Be fast, be authentic, be transparent
    6. Be prepared – social media is always on the record
    7. Social media exposes true corporate culture
    8. The antisocial boss
    9. Be worried
    10. Engaging your employees
    11. To friend or not to friend, that is the question
    12. Social media gets legal
    13. Having a policy is a good policy
    14. Don’t seek to control, seek to create value
    15. Being a good leader
    16. Summary: how to get social
  10. 4 Creating good: the rise of the social entrepreneur
    1. Social media entrepreneurs
    2. Social entrepreneurs from big business
    3. Social responsibility at the core from the start
    4. The intersection of social responsibility and social media – the movement generation
    5. Some challenges for socially responsible startups
    6. Have idea, need money
    7. The road ahead
  11. 5 We-volution: how collaboration is changing business
    1. Who shares wins
    2. Collaborative production: from new product development to social product development
    3. From B2C to C2B
    4. A dis-industrial revolution?
    5. Collaboration to enhance a product experience
    6. We-commerce
    7. To infinity and beyond
    8. Cutting out the corporation
    9. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘we’
    10. Collective good
    11. Open source drives collaboration
    12. The smartest brains are often outside of your organisation
    13. A problem shared is a problem solved
    14. The new collaborative world
    15. Summary: the power of many
  12. 6 A new idea for a new era: the Social Business Idea™
    1. MAC: Viva Glam, featuring Lady Gaga
    2. Levi’s: Water<Less
    3. Marks & Spencer: Plan A
    4. Nike: Better World
    5. American Express: Members Project
    6. Unilever: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
    7. Pepsi: Refresh
    8. The Body Shop
    9. Groupe Danone: Grameen Danone
    10. General Electric: Ecomagination
    11. WWF: Earth Hour
    12. RED
    13. Starbucks: Shared Planet
    14. Whole Foods Market: Whole Foods – Whole People – Whole Planet
    15. Sydney Water: Tap
    16. Summary: Social Business Ideas™
  13. 7 The future: making a decent profit
    1. The people are revolting
    2. Past performance is no guarantee of future success
    3. The biggest barrier
  14. Index
  15. Plates
  16. Endorsements
  17. Imprint

Product information

  • Title: Who Cares Wins
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Business
  • ISBN: 9780273762973