Who Stole My Customer??: Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty, Second Edition

Book description

Rebuild customer loyalty, strengthen customer relationships, and leverage the immense power of customer co-innovation! Harvey Thompson's Who Stole My Customer?? is the world's definitive guide to rebuilding customer loyalty: must-reading in C-Suites and top business schools worldwide. That's no surprise: for decades, Thompson has been the go-to expert for CxOs seeking to optimize their customer growth and retention strategies. Now, in this extensively updated Second Edition, Thompson sharpens his focus on two of the most crucial strategic challenges identified by 1,300+ current CEOs: strengthening customer relationships and promoting innovation.

Drawing on his immense enterprise experience, Thompson helps you overcome fundamental corporate culture issues that impede both relationship-building and innovation. Next, he demonstrates how to construct customer-driven business models and management systems that improve retention by systematically involving customers in co-innovation around goals and visions they help define.

Who Stole My Customer?? Second Edition helps you identify up-to-the-minute answers to the classic "tough questions" surrounding loyalty: Who's stealing my customers? Why is it happening? How can I stop it? How can I win back lost customers? You'll discover new ways to view business processes through customer's eyes… identify today's real drivers of loyalty… tightly focus relationship investments for maximum value… rebuild touch points around customers' current and future needs.

Throughout, updated questions help you apply Thompson's techniques in your competitive environment. Thompson's questions have also been updated to serve MBA or Executive MBA level students more effectively as they seek to add more value in future work assignments.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Author
  8. Preface
  9. Introduction
  10. Part I: The Case for Action: Customer Defection
    1. 1. When Prior Strengths Become Your Weaknesses
    2. 2. When the World Changes and You Do Not
    3. 3. When Customers Leave
  11. Part II: Understanding Loyalty: A Pie Pan of Needs
    1. 4. Product versus Service Slices
      1. Basic Drivers of Customer Loyalty
    2. 5. Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  12. Part III: Integrating Two Views: Opportunity versus Risk
    1. 6. Opportunity: The Customer View
    2. 7. Risk: The Company Culture
  13. Part IV: The Winning Customer Experience
    1. 8. What They Want: Ten Myths About Your Customers
      1. Myth 1: Our Customers Want the Lowest Price—Period
      2. Myth 2: We Know What Our Customers Want (or Don’t Want)
      3. Myth 3: Customers Cannot Envision What Does Not Exist
      4. Myth 4: Customers Do Not Want to Be Telephoned at Home—Always
      5. Myth 5: Customers Do Not Want to Be Sold to When They Telephone for Service
      6. Myth 6: Customers Do Not Want to Give Us Information about Themselves
      7. Myth 7: Customers Who Call Hate to Be Transferred
      8. Myth 8: An Apology Is Never Enough (So We Don’t Do It)
      9. Myth 9: Our Customers and Their Needs Are Unique
      10. Myth 10: We Know What Our Customers Need (Not Want...Need)
    2. 9. What They Need: Solutions
      1. Lack of Courtesy: First Among the Major Drivers of Defection
      2. Competence: Typically Second Among Drivers of Defection
      3. A Rising Expectation: Knowledgeable Point of Contact
      4. A Simple-Sounding Expectation: Responsiveness
      5. The Ultimate Want: Tailored and Personalized Offerings
      6. The Ultimate Need: A Solution—Not a Product, Not a Service
    3. 10. The Next Strategic Leap: Company and Customer Co-Innovation
    4. 11. What You Must Do: Institutionalize Loyalty
      1. Lesson 1: A Case for Action and Buy-In (vs. Lack of Urgency and Inertia!)
      2. Lesson 2: Actionable Customer Input (vs. “We Know What Customers Want!”)
      3. Lesson 3: Enterprise-Wide Executive Ownership (vs. “Optimize My Silo!”)
      4. Lesson 4: Cultural Transformation and Teaming (vs. “Knowledge Is Power!”)
      5. Lesson 5: Customer-Activated Management System (vs. a Co-Innovation Initiative!)
      6. Summary
  14. Epilogue: Who Stole My Customer??
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Who Stole My Customer??: Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Harvey Thompson
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133990447