List of Abbreviations

3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project


AAA Authentication Authorization Accounting
AAA Authenticate and Authorize Answer
AAD Additional Authentication Data
AAR Authenticate and Authorize Request
AC Access Category
ACK Acknowledgment
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AF Application Function
AGC Automatic Control Gain
AH Authentication Header
AID Association Identifier
AIFS Arbitration Inter-Frame Space
AKA Authentication and Key Agreement
AM Acknowledgement Mode
A-MPDU Aggregate MAC Protocol Data Unit
A-MSDU Aggregate MAC Service Data Unit
ANDI Access Network Discovery Information
ANDSF Access Network Discovery and Selection Function
ANQP Access Network Query Protocol
AP Access Point
APN Access Point Name
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASA Abort-Session-Answer
ASR Abort-Session-Request
AUTN Authentication Network


BCC Binary Convolutional Coding
BCE Binding Cache Entry
BID Binding Identifier
BPSK Binary Phase-Shift Keying
BSS Basic Service Set
BSSID BSS Identifier


CCA Credit-Control-Answer
CCA Clear Channel Assessment
CCK Complementary Code Keying
CCMP Counter-mode/CBC-MAC-Protocol
CCR Credit-Control-Request
CE Congestion Experienced
CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CK Cipher Key
CN Correspondent Node
CNA Correspondent Node Address
CoA Care-of Address
CoT Care-of Test
CoTI Care-of Test Init
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

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