Chapter 13. Ten Best Wii Fitness Accessories

Throughout this book, we show you how to maximize your Wii fitness experience. Now, you can accessorize it. One of the key tips to sticking with any exercise regime is keeping the experience fresh and fun to ensure that both your mind and body remain in the game.

Of course, some of these accessories are of the more practical variety, such as the rechargeable battery packs, while others, like the aerobics step risers, specifically enhance the difficulty level and effectiveness of games that use the Balance Board. Regardless of whether you implement one or all of these accessories now or in the future, we are sure you'll agree that having so many options is nice.

Getting Down

Although the primary functionality of Wii Fit Plus is centered around the use of the Balance Board, which many other Wii fitness titles also support, you're just as likely to be off the board as you are on it. For this reason, making your off-board experience—particularly floor work—as comfortable as possible is important. Exercise mats can help. Even a lightly padded mat can make working out on the floor a more pleasant experience, all while providing additional traction.

Many types of mats, including sticky, extra-thick, phthalate- and latex-free, eco-friendly, and printed are available. You have numerous choices when you're looking for a mat that is best suited to your specific needs. However, the main characteristics you want to look for in a mat are padding and traction, ...

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