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Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2014: Part 2, Internal Audit Practice

Book Description

The definitive Certified Internal Auditor Exam preparationguide

Designed to help you rigorously and thoroughly prepare for theCertified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam, Wiley CIA Exam Review2014 Part 2, Internal Audit Practice covers the key topics onPart II of the exam. These include conducting engagements; carryingout specific engagements; monitoring engagement outcomes; fraudknowledge elements; and engagement tools. * Features a full exploration of theory and concepts * Prepares students to properly understand the weight given totopics on the exam and react accordingly * Includes indications of the level of difficulty for each topicin order to properly manage study time and focus areas * Offers comprehensive coverage of exam material along with aglossary of applicable terminology

Expert author S. Rao Vallabhaneni puts his twenty-five years ofinternal auditing and accounting management experience to work tobring you the definitive resource to help you prepare for the CIAExam.