Appendix BDisclosure Checklist for Commercial Businesses

The disclosure checklist presented below provides a quick reference to those disclosures that are common to the financial statements of most commercial business enterprises. This checklist does not purport to be suitable for use as a comprehensive SEC disclosure checklist, nor is it designed to be used for reporting entities that are not-for-profit organizations, state or local governments, or that are engaged in other industries that are subject to specialized accounting and reporting rules. Readers are advised to access the FASB Codification for additional details on requirements.

Numbers preceding the topics refer to the relevant FASB ASC Topic. For each Topic, the related chapter in Wiley GAAP 2016 offers more information about implementing the requirements and gives examples.


205 Presentation of Financial Statements
205-20 Discontinued Operations
205-30 Liquidation Basis of Accounting
205-40 Going Concern
210 Balance Sheet
210-20 Offsetting
220 Comprehensive Income
225 Income Statement
225-30 Business Interruption Insurance
230 Statement of Cash Flows
235 Notes to Financial Statements
250 Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
260 Earnings Per Share
270 Interim Financial Information
272 Limited Liability Entities
275 Risks and Uncertainties
280 Segment Reporting
310 Receivables
310-20 Nonrefundable Fees and Other Costs
310-30 Loans and ...

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