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William McKnight Interview on Big Data and Hadoop

Video Description

Phil Simon interviews William McKnight, an internationally recognized authority in information management, corporate strategist, leading analyst and author of several books and dozens of papers. This interview covers:
  • Shift in Technologies. From structured data to unstructured data, as well as the new breed of technologies for data such as Hadoop and NoSQL.
  • Problems with traditional databases. Including fixing and scaling, and challenges with mis-mixing and mis-matching technology and requirements.
  • Hadoop Ecosystem. Including accessing data in Hadoop, utilities for Hadoop, and tools that have added Hadoop capabilities.
  • Industries and Use Cases for Big Data. Including finding the signal in the noise and bringing big data to bear on business challenges.
  • Advice to Students/Entrants in the Field. Including acquiring knowledge and fields to know about.
  • Industry adoption of big data. Examples from healthcare and retail will be discussed.
  • Dealing with resistance. Including both from the organizational and technology sides.