Above ground level (AGL), 395
Accommodation cyclic behavior, 292
“Accommodation”, 283–284
Active stall control, 153
“Adaptation”, 283–284
Adaptive linear element (ADALINE), 42
Advantages of wind energy, 8–10
compatibility with other land uses, 8
conservation of water, 9
cost effectiveness, 9
creation of jobs and local resources, 9–10
destructive mining, reduction of, 9
electricity cost, stability of, 10
international cooperation, 10
location, 8
national security, 8
power supply, diversification of, 10
provision for clean source of energy, 8
rapid instigation of power, 10
reduction of costly transport costs of electricity, 8
short commissioning time, 9
source of income for farmers, ranchers and foresters and grid operators, ...

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