Wind Power Generation

Book description

Wind Power Generation is a concise, up-to-date and readable guide providing an introduction to one of the leading renewable power generation technologies. It includes detailed descriptions of on and offshore generation systems, and demystifies the relevant wind energy technology functions in practice as well as exploring the economic and environmental risk factors.

Engineers, managers, policymakers and those involved in planning and delivering energy resources will find this reference a valuable guide, to help establish a reliable power supply address social and economic objectives.

  • Focuses on the evolution and developments in wind energy generation
  • Evaluates the economic and environmental viability of the systems with concise diagrams and accessible explanations

Table of contents

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  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
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  5. Chapter 1. An Introduction to Wind Power
    1. Abstract
    2. The History of Wind Power
    3. Global Wind Power Capacity
  6. Chapter 2. The Wind Energy Resource
    1. Abstract
    2. Wind Speed and Power Generation
    3. The Global Wind Resource
  7. Chapter 3. The Anatomy of a Wind Turbine
    1. Abstract
    2. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
    3. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines
  8. Chapter 4. Rotors and Blades
    1. Abstract
    2. Blade Length
    3. Rotor Aerodynamics
    4. Energy Capture
    5. Tip Speed Ratio
    6. Speed Control
    7. Blade Design and Construction
    8. Advanced Blade and Rotor Design
    9. Turbine Lifetimes
  9. Chapter 5. Drive Trains, Gearboxes, and Generators
    1. Abstract
    2. The Wind Turbine Gearbox
    3. Generators for Wind Turbines
    4. Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
    5. Synchronous Generators
    6. Direct Drive Generators
  10. Chapter 6. Nacelles and Towers
    1. Abstract
    2. The Nacelle
    3. Tower-Top Real-Time Condition Monitoring
    4. The Yaw Bearing and Motor
    5. Wind Turbine Towers
    6. Wind Turbine Foundations
    7. Wind Turbine Resonances
  11. Chapter 7. Wind Farms, Electrical Optimization, and Repowering
    1. Abstract
    2. Array Optimization
    3. Cable Layout
    4. Wind Turbine Transformers
    5. Repowering Wind Farms
  12. Chapter 8. Small Wind Turbines
    1. Abstract
    2. Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers and Applications
    3. Small Wind Turbine Technologies
    4. Siting Small Wind Turbines
  13. Chapter 9. Offshore Wind
    1. Abstract
    2. Offshore Wind Turbine Technology
    3. Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines
    4. Floating Wind Turbine Foundations
    5. Offshore Wind Turbine Size
    6. Infrastructure Considerations and Offshore Grids
  14. Chapter 10. Wind Power Grid Integration and Environmental Issues
    1. Abstract
    2. Wind Integration and Grid Operation
    3. Energy Storage
    4. Geographical Averaging of Wind Output
    5. Wind Integration Limits
    6. Wind Energy and Grid Structural Issues
    7. Wind Power and the Environment
  15. Chapter 11. The Cost of Electricity from Wind Turbines
    1. Abstract
    2. Levelized Cost of Energy Model
    3. Wind Turbine Capital Costs
    4. The Levelized Cost of Wind Energy

Product information

  • Title: Wind Power Generation
  • Author(s): Paul Breeze
  • Release date: January 2016
  • Publisher(s): Academic Press
  • ISBN: 9780128051924