Chapter Twelve

Using OneNote

In This Chapter

arrow Starting and navigating the OneNote app

arrow Creating a new notebook

arrow Creating new sections and notes

arrow Organizing your notes

arrow Printing your notes

arrow Configuring the OneNote app

Windows 10 comes with the OneNote app installed by default. With this app, you can synchronize all kinds of notes across all your computers and devices, for free. Even though it’s been included in the Microsoft Office suite for a long time, OneNote isn’t as well-known as Evernote (a similar competing product that charges you for its services).

OneNote is very useful, especially when you use it at work. You can create quick to-do lists, keep track of them, and create meeting minutes. Moreover, it works well when using a mouse and keyboard, touchscreens, or styli. In the latter case, you simply draw or write your notes with your stylus and use them later on.

Start OneNote ...

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