Chapter 6. Utilities

This chapter covers miscellaneous utilities and GUI elements of Windows 2000. In particular, the following items are covered in this chapter:

  • All the Control Panel utilities, although some of them are covered only briefly since they are only of peripheral interest to administrators.

  • Some of the Start menu shortcuts, particularly from the Accessories program group and its various subgroups. User-oriented utilities such as Paint and games such as Solitaire are omitted.

  • All of the standard desktop elements, including the taskbar and icons such as My Computer and My Network Places.

In general, new or useful features of these items are emphasized, while familiar or tangential features are overlooked. Items are cross-referenced where appropriate to other chapters in Part II.


Many of the utilities listed in this chapter can also be run from the command line or Run box. For example, Accessibility Options can be run by:

  • Command interpreter control access.cpl

  • Start Run control access.cpl

Alphabetical Reference of Utilities

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