%systemroot%\\sysvol\\scripts, Sysvol
%username% replaceable variable, home folders and, Notes
.bat files, Description
.bmp files, compression and, Notes
.cmd files, logon scripts and, Description
.csv files
multiple domain user accounts and, Create a User Account
saving event logs as, Notes
.evt files, saving events logs as, Notes
.exe files, logon scripts and, Description
.msc files
preconfigured for Windows2000 Server (list), Setting console options
running MMC consoles from command line and, Running consoles from the command line
saving consoles as, Creating and Saving a Console
.msi files, Software Installation
.mst files, Software Installation
.sdb file, Apply a Security Template to a Computer
.txt files, saving event logs as, Notes
.vbs files, logon scripts and, Description
.zap files (Zero Administration for Windows files), deploying, Configure Deployment Settings for a Package
.zip files, compression and, Notes
@ symbol, Logon Names, Notes, Notes, Alphabetical List of Consoles


A (Address) records, Resource Records
updating, See Also
Windows 2000 clients and, Enable Dynamic Updates
aaaa Context command, aaaa Context
access control lists (ACLs), command for, cacls
Accessibility Options utility, Accessibility Options
accessibility tools
Magnifier utility, Those Little Touches, Magnifier
Narrator utility, Narrator
On-Screen Keyboard utility, Those Little Touches, On-Screen Keyboard
Utility Manager for, Utility Manager
Accessibility Wizard, Accessibility Wizard
account lockout, account lockout ...

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