A process that runs in the background on a machine to support client requests.


Services in Windows 2000 Server are the equivalent of daemons on Unix platforms. An example of a service is the World Wide Web (WWW) service, which runs on a server on which Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed. The WWW service runs in the background on the server, waiting to receive Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests from web browsers. When an HTTP request is received, the WWW service responds by sending the requested files or performing the requested action.

Table 3.37 provides a list of services on Windows 2000 Server computers. Note that this list contains both the services installed during a default Typical installation of Windows 2000 member server and domain controller, and also additional services added when optional Windows 2000 Server components are installed. Installing other Microsoft BackOffice applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SQL Server, also adds additional services to the list. Also shown in the table are the default startup types for these services, which are explained below and keyed as follows:

A (Automatic)
M (Manual)
D (Disabled)

Table 3-37. Windows 2000 Server Services


Startup Type




Notifies selected users and computers of administrative alerts

Application Management


Provides software installation services, such as Assign, Publish, and Remove

Boot Information Negotiation ...

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