hardware profile


Create, manage, and use hardware profiles.


Use System in the Control Panel to create and manage hardware profiles, and use Device Manager (accessed either from System in the Control Panel or Device Manager in Computer Management) to configure whether a specific device is to be included in or excluded from the currently loaded hardware profile.

Create a New Hardware Profile

Start Settings System Hardware select an existing profile Copy provide a descriptive name for the profile (e.g., Mobile User)

You cannot create a hardware profile from scratch; you must copy an existing profile, such as the default one called Profile1, and then modify it as desired.

Manage Hardware Profiles

To specify which devices will be enabled or disabled in your new hardware profile, do the following:

Reboot select the new hardware profile log on Start Settings System Hardware Device Manager right-click on a device Properties

Then, under Device Usage, you can either enable or disable the device for the currently loaded hardware profile or disable it for all hardware profiles. To specify which hardware profile is the default, do the following:

System Hardware use arrow buttons to move the desired profile to the top of the list

If a hardware profile doesn’t appear in the menu when starting up, you can force it to appear by:

System Hardware select profile Properties “Always include this profile”

If your machine is an older laptop and Windows ...

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