Backs up and restores system files and datafiles.

To Launch

  • Start Programs Accessories System Backup

  • Windows Explorer or My Computer right-click on a drive Properties Tools Backup

  • Computer Management Storage Disk Management right-click on a drive Properties Tools Backup

  • Command interpreter ntbackup.exe


Backup opens a property sheet with four tabs. The key settings here are:


Performs or schedules a backup or restore using step-by-step wizards and creates a new Emergency Repair Disk (ERD). Up-to-date backups and ERDs are an essential part of a good disaster-recovery plan (see disaster recovery).


Manually configures a backup job by selecting volumes, folders, or files to back up, a backup destination, and a backup medium. When you select Start Backup, you are given the option of scheduling the job instead of performing it immediately and configuring other job settings. See backup and restore for more information on performing backups.


Restores a backup job to its original location or an alternate location. See backup and restore for more information on performing restores.

Schedule Jobs

Displays scheduled backup jobs and creates a new job by running the Backup Wizard discussed earlier. Click on a job icon (not just on the data square where the icon resides but on the icon itself ) to display or modify the schedule details for the job or delete the job entirely.

There are also some menu options that are important ...

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