Phone and Modem Options


Configures modem properties and dialing rules.

To Launch

  • Start Settings Control Panel Phone and Modem Options

  • Command interpreter control telephon.cpl


Phone and Modem Options opens a property sheet with three tabs. The key settings are:

Dialing Rules

Configures locations from which you may dial. The minimum information to specify when creating a new location is a location name, country, and area code. You can configure a location to use a calling card automatically if desired.


Displays the installed modems, installs new modems or removes existing ones, and configures the properties of an installed modem. The properties for a modem vary and are usually configured automatically when the modem is installed. Some settings you might want to adjust are the speaker volume and the disconnect-if-idle timer. For standard (default) modem drivers these settings cannot be changed.


Displays the installed TAPI providers and lets you configure their settings when using advanced telephony applications.

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