Displays or specifies whether to schedule automatic filesystem checking (using chkdsk) to be run at startup.


chkntfs volume [...]
chkntfs /d
chkntfs /t[:time]
chkntfs /x volume [...]
chkntfs /c volume [...]


volume [...]

Displays the filesystem of the volume(s) and, if automatic file checking is scheduled, whether the volume has been corrupted. (If so, then run chkdsk /f.) The volume may be identified by a drive letter with colon, a volume mount point, or a volume name.


Restores default behavior—except countdown time—for automatic file checking (use this switch alone). In other words, all drives will be checked at startup, and those found to be dirty will have chkdsk run against them.

/t[: time ]

Displays or specifies countdown time for automatic filesystem checking (new to Windows 2000).


Excludes specified volume from being checked (even if volume is marked for running chkdsk). To exclude multiple volumes, list them in one command. (This option is not accumulative.)


Checks the specified volume at startup. (This option is accumulative.)


To display the filesystem on drive C: and its current state:

                     chkntfs c:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
C: is not dirty.

To show the countdown time for automatic filesystem checking:

                     chkntfs /t 
The AUTOCHK initiation count down time is set to 10 seconds.

To change the countdown time to 60 seconds:

                     chkntfs /t:60

To specify that only C: will be checked at startup on a system that also has D: and

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