Copying and Moving Folders and Files

Moving folders and files from one disk or folder to another is a snap. Windows offers two different techniques: dragging icons and using the Copy and Paste commands.

No matter which method you use, however, you start by showing Windows which icons you want to copy or move. And you do that by highlighting them.

Highlighting Icons

To highlight one icon, you just click it once. But you don't have to move or copy one icon at a time; you can select multiple icons in the same folder or disk window. For example, you can move a bunch of documents from one folder in your My Documents folder to another, or copy a group of them onto a backup disk.


It's easier to work with multiple icons in Details view (Section, where all the icons are displayed in a single column.

To highlight multiple files in preparation for moving or copying, use one of these techniques:

To highlight all the icons

To select all the icons in a window, press Ctrl+A (the keyboard equivalent of the EditSelect All command).

To highlight several icons in a list

If you're looking at the contents of a window in Details view, you can drag vertically over the file and folder names to highlight a group of consecutive icons.

Alternatively, click the first icon you want to highlight, and then press Shift as you click the last file. All the files in between are automatically selected, along with the two icons you clicked.

To highlight several icons in Icon view

If you're looking at the contents ...

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