Phone and Modem Options

The Phone and Modem Options tool changes the settings for any modems attached to your computer. This is also where you make settings for the Phone Dialer (see Section 9.2.6).

Phone and Modem Options opens with three tabs: Dialing Rules, Modems, and Advanced. You'll work with the first two regularly, but rarely, if ever with the Advanced tab.

Dialing Rules Tab

Dialing rules are what your computer knows about your phone line, such as whether or not you have call waiting and what area code you're in. The first time you check Phone and Modem Options, a Location Information dialog box opens, in which you're supposed to specify your country and area code. (If you filled in this information during the Windows 2000 installation process, you're spared this duty.) The Phone and Modem Options properties open with one location (a memorized set of area code and dialing settings) listed.

If you travel with your computer, you can create multiple locations. For example, if you occasionally work from your beach hut in Biarritz or your manse in Mamaroneck, you can set up a location for each place so you can quickly dial up an Internet connection no matter where you are—without having to change a screenful of settings.

Editing an existing location's settings or creating a new location requires the same information. To get started, click New (or click an existing location and then click Edit) and then follow these steps:

  1. Provide a helpful name for the connection.

    Examples: Beach ...

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