Customizing and Security

To tweak your Internet Explorer setup by adding or removing buttons, tightening up its security settings, or keeping the Web sites you've visited private, use the following tips.

Customizing Your View

You can change several aspects of Internet Explorer's interface to suit your preferences, as shown in the next sections.

View Web pages full screen

To view a Web page in a full-screen view, maximizing the amount of the page you can see, choose ViewFull Screen, or press the F11 key. Full Screen mode hides everything except your Web page and the Standard toolbar. Even the Windows Taskbar is temporarily hidden. (To pull it back into view, move the cursor over the bottom edge of the screen). You can still scroll the page, using the tricks described on Section 11.4; meanwhile, you get to see much more of each Web page on each screenful.

To turn off Full Screen mode, click the Restore button at the top right of the window, or press F11. To make even the toolbar hidden (except when you move the cursor over the top edge of the screen), right-click the toolbar and choose Auto Hide from the shortcut menu.

Changing the text size of Web pages

If you find the text on a Web page too small or too big, change the text size using the ViewText Size submenu.


Changing the text size with the View menu doesn't always make any visual difference; the effect depends on how the Web page was written.

Rearranging Internet Explorer's interface

When you first open it, Internet Explorer displays ...

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