Composing and Sending Messages

Writing messages is the other half of the email equation; if you don't write messages, you won't receive any. (None you want, anyway.)

Fortunately, writing message in Outlook Express is easy:

  1. Click the New Mail toolbar icon (or press Ctrl+N).

    An empty email window appears.

  2. Type the email address of the recipient into the "To:" field.

    If you want to send this message to more than one person, separate their email addresses using semicolons, like this: ; ; .

    As in most Windows dialog boxes, you can jump from blank to blank in this window by pressing the Tab key (to proceed from the "To:" field to the "Cc:" field, for example).

    You don't have to remember and type out all those email addresses, either. As you type, Outlook Express compares what you're typing with the names in your Address Book. If it finds a match—that is, if you've typed zar and your Address Book contains a name Ed Zarynski—Outlook Express completes the typing for you. (If it guesses wrong, just keep typing; Outlook Express politely removes its suggestion.)

    Alternatively, you can open your Address Book, if it's not already visible in the lower-left corner of your screen. Just click the tiny book to the left of the word "To:" or "Cc:" in the mail message window to display the Select Recipient dialog box. Find the recipient in the list (either by scrolling or by typing the first few letters of the name.) Then add this person's name to the ...

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