Chapter III.4. Beating and Cheating Windows 7 Games

In This Chapter

  • Playing the Windows 7 games

  • Beating the Windows 7 games

  • Cheating the Windows 7 games

The real reason you bought this book is because you heard it had all the game cheats, isn't it? C'mon, admit it.


If your boss doesn't like for you to play games on the company PC, just remind her that Windows games are, singularly, the best way to brush up on your mousing skills, take your mind off work for a brief spell, and take a break from all the typing. How do you spell repetitive motion syndrome?

Windows 7 Home Premium ships with 11 games installed (see Figure 4-1), many of which are quite good. If you can't see all the games, and your network administrator hasn't blocked them, you may be able to retrieve some by choosing Start

Beating and Cheating Windows 7 Games

If you played games in Vista — which had nine built-in games — you probably don't lament the passing of InkBall. But I bet you'll like the three new Internet games Backgammon, Checkers, and Spades. Windows XP had older versions of all three, and the new versions work even better: You can choose your own skill level and be matched up with a randomly selected opponent.

Windows 7 games range from kid-friendly to utterly fiendish.

Figure III.4.1. Windows 7 games range from kid-friendly to utterly fiendish.

Get Yer Games Goin'

The first time you click Start


I personally ...

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